Major Hoarding Issues Resolved or Not? Scrapbooking

My husband, sons, and I have been working on a new wood floor vs the carpet I had in the scrapbook room/studio.  Listen close:  I HAD TO MOVE EVERYTHING from the scrapbooking room!  You try that with a hoarding issue with paper, punches, stamps, etc.  LOL  I can hear you now..."Everything!  I never want to do that."  Or something similar.  I thought I would never get it moved out.

After the wood floors were finished I had to get everything back into the same room.   STOP!  I decided that if I didn't have room for it, had more than two of that item (except paper), I haven't used it over a year, then I would not put it back into the room.  No matter what!  Believe you me this was a feat as I'm notoriously a hoarder.  

I have a table with punches, books, stamps, and other odds and ends to try and sell. 

It's been tiring.  But my room looks Awesome

Here are some photos of just one small area of the remake of my scrapbooking room.

Look under the phone and see some cool inspiration...three drawers/slots are nothing but Graphic 45.  I have two packs on my desk as well.  The middle is all sorts of cardstock, the third one is my holiday paper and embellishments.

 My husband's old rotary photo reminds me of Connie Mercer from Crafty Goodies with all the "junkin' she does.  She is truly a sweet inspirational friend.  Connie made this tag with one of my old fashion tag designs.  Thanks Connie for making it look so good.

Make a wild guess who this reminds me of..Yes, Tim Holtz is a great inspiration to me and I love his creativity and awesome quality products.  This is very little of what I have.  LOL
Look What's Coming
1.  More photos of the remake of my room through the week.
2.  Easy Canvas Prints is holding a giveaway right here on D's Paper Studio starting next Monday.  Their work is incredible.  Right now they are having a Father's Day special.  You can have a print made into a beautiful canvas at buy one get one free.  If you are interested in the link and info email me at and I will send you the email about it.  Good only until 6/9.
3.  Layouts...yes, do you believe it?  I have been not as great after the surgery as I thought I would be so everything has been a slow go. 

Have a Crafty Day and Thank You for coming to be part of the D's Paper Studio Family!


  1. So glad yur back~ you were missed:):) Love the peeks of your room. I hope you post more picks and get busy:):) ha,ha.

  2. Welcome back, Debby! I've missed you. Looking forward to checking back to see what you're up to in your new-and-improved crafty space. :)

  3. So glad to see you are back! What a project that must have been but I love what you have done so far. Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Well, there you are! I have been wondering and wondering about you. I have e-mailed a couple of times and haven't heard anything or seen you around. I was worried something went wrong with the surgery! And I hope you got my package a while ago. Anyway, your room looks great. I bet you will love the floor. And you are braver than I am about tossing. I still have more to move in but I guess I just need to get rid of it. LOL! Have a blessed day!

  5. Love your room! I can't wait to have a bigger space to outfit!

  6. I just missed you sooooo much! Love what you are doing! Hugz and more hugz!


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