Friday, June 07, 2013

More On the Scraproom Make Over

How about a few more photos of the renovated scrap/craft/oasis room.  You might catch a glimpse of that wonderful new oak floor as well.

This is my daughter's desk from when she was a young girl...Little's Mommy.  It has been in the storage shed for many years.  I decided to use it to create my own sewing desk.  The clutter behind it is my college student's "home for the summer" stuff.  I need to continue to try to get the yellow out of it but for now this is where we are with it.

This is the sole survivor of a fire in my mom and dad's storage shed.  The chairs and table were purchased when I was around 7 or 8 in Bangor, Maine.  It is very much part of my memories growing up.

This is the only sewing machine I've ever owned and I could not ask for better.  This was purchased by my mom before I was born.  I learned to sew on this machine.  I can still thread it with my eyes closed!

A new arrangement to bring more freshness to the room.  I also organized the cubes in a more user friendly order.  I love my faux antique shopping basket.  It is so heavy.  I'm sure before long I will have it filled with goodies. 

This is a 60's 45lp record holder that a lot of young teenagers of my era had around their room.  Mine holds some personal goal setting journals. 

Some rearranging and I added the quilt holders for holding my lastest layout.  I can slide this one out and change it anytime.  Like a rotating display. 

That's all for this week.  I need to finish up a few more items before showing more.  But I'm loving my cleaner look and oak floors. 

It's Happening This Monday
Easy Canvas Prints will be sponsoring a giveaway of a free 8 x 10 Canvas and free standard shipping starting this coming Monday.  Be here, be here.  I have one of their prints from my favorite photo of Little that has been hanging on my living room wall for nearly a year and it is still beautiful today.  I love it.  I hope to see you here at D's Paper Studio and Good Luck!

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. You have an awesome space!! Wish I could come for a visit.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love your space, Debby! It's filled with so many wonderful pieces that mean something to you.

  3. Love the vintage, and honestly they just don't make products now a days to last like they did in the past so I can totally understand your Singer being your only machine.

  4. Love all your antiques :)

  5. great room! and was a treasure that sewing machine is!!

  6. Some great ideas! Lovely space! TFS!


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