Yes, You Can Go Home Again...Scrapbook/Canvas Project

I made a trip to Florida this past week, the first in several years.  I was able to visit with my mom, sister, uncle, aunts, niece and her husband and the cutest grand-niece ever. 

Aunt Debby and Nana
One of the familiar items in Mom's house is a canvas piece I made for her years and years ago.  It was lifted from one of Ali Edwards' early books, A Designer's Eye.  The photos are not of the greatest quality.  But it shows off the paper design that is totally Ali.

Mom and Me

Let's Break It Down
Basic Grey Motifica, not sure of the other line of Basic Grey ... do you know?
Making Memories, large frame, metal buttons, washers
Other ... words, die cut for smaller slide frames, red buttons, printable transparency .... do you know?

Here are some close ups of the paper design.

I love this project and it was the first of many.  I also cherish it because it says so much about me and Mom.

Yep, you can go home again.

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. I love it..apparently quilt piecing with paper is making a comeback! I've always loved it. Have always liked Basic Grey too.

  2. Fun project. I always love going to my mom's or dd house and seeing things I've made for them being used/displayed. Cute baby girl too!

  3. Love the quilted canvas :)

  4. I'm so used to seeing you as Mimi, but Aunt Debby looks beautiful! You look so healthy and happy! God is so good! Happy 4th of July!


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