A Scrapbook Layout Mistake....What Would You Do?

"The best laid plans of mice and men." or in this case scrapbooker.  I made so many mistakes with this layout.  I did not estimate the amount of hexagons on the page correctly.  I didn't like the original plan of embellishments above the photo.  I tore the background paper several times.  I did not measure the proper cutouts for the hexagons.  It was crazy!

So how do you fix mistakes?  Some of it you just live with.  Some of it you hide and at times it throws off the balance of the page.  Misjudge something, adjust the design.  How do YOU fix or hide your mistakes?

Rock-a-bye:  I seized an opportunity of a special moment with mom and daughter sleeping to take a photo for Ali's baby book as well as her scrapbook.

Let's Break It Down
Graphic 45 Little Darlings and Baby to Bride
Fiskars Hexagon Squeeze Punch, Large and Micro Tip Scissors
K&Co letters
Webster's Pages smaller letters
Little Yellow Bicycle pins and button
Mom's Lace Shop
Bag O' Buttons
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Vintage Photo
American Crafts pop dots adhesive
X-ACTO craft knife

What started out as a simple, straightforward page ended up a bit of a nightmare.  Once I placed the hexagons I had planned on cutting out some of the smaller images from Little Darlings paper.  I estimated wrong.  Most of the cutouts were too large.   I ended up cutting out the tiniest of figures.  It was hard but well worth the effect. 
The tags were on top but proved to be too busy.  I tried about 4 other items to my utter exhaustion to fix it when I tore some of the foundation paper.  So in goes Graphic 45's Little Darlings chipboard tag.  I'm not crazy about how the element looks in this position, but I was trying to make the best of it. 

After cutting out the little girl in the rocking chair nothing seemed to work that would make this fix in the way I had planned.  This correction worked out nicely. 

I ended up satisfied with the results with the exception of the tag at the top of the paper.  Maybe you can give me a tip on how to fix torn paper.

It never hurts to share your mistakes.  It hurts to not share and not get help.  It works for me!

Have A Crafty Day!


  1. Sorry to hear you struggled so much with this LO but it's beautiful and no one will ever know unless you tell them!

    For me, I fix the majority of my mistakes on pages by covering things up with an embellishment or another layer of paper or I work it into some sort of mixed media so it looks intentional. If I can remove the problem paper/item and replace it with another then I do that. For journaling mistakes, I try to work the sentence so it makes sense but if it's a spelling mistake I discover after the fact, I just live with it (which is huge of me to say, being a teacher and rather OCD).

  2. I think we have all done this at one time or another. It looks wonderful. Love the G45!! I usually grab a flower or other embellie.

  3. Wow, that's some amazing fussy-cutting. I love how it turned out, sorry it was such a headache!

  4. sweet moment you caught on camera~she will be glad you did later on.. Love the papers and the fussy cutting. As far as your question I don't adhere anything until it is the way I want it. I know that is know help at all:):)

  5. this is gorgeous...mistake or not!

  6. I think your being your own worst critic. I would have never picked out the mistakes and just would have thought it looks vintage homemade. I say put it in the book and let it be your little memory to chuckle over later.

  7. Gorgeous layout, I usually try to incorporate my mistakes into my layout somehow :)

  8. If the paper is torn where I can't cover it, sometimes I can mend it with tape from the back. I'll also get it into an album page ASAP so it doesn't get flexed too much. We are always our own worst critics! Your page is fabulous. I can't see one thing that needs to be changed! Fantastic photo, too! It HAD to be scrapped!

  9. you did an amazing job on this layout! and i don't think the tag looks bad at all! funny to read this tonight as i just put a blob of paint on my layout on mistake!

  10. With all the trouble you had with this layout you ended up with a wonderful page.

    What do i do when i stuff up on a page?
    I walk away. Look at it later... Adjust if i can... If i cant does it still look good anyway and will anyone notice? If it is terribly obvious that something is totally wrong like a rip in the paper when its not a grunge look.... I just grunge it up.... Not saying that all my grunge pages are mistakes.... LOL

  11. If you didn't tell anything about your mistakes, nobody would have known ! I think your layout is very pretty.
    I often fail doing my machine sewing... If it's just not staight, I live with that, but if it's really torn, I cut and glue it over something else, or I cover it, well, the same tricks than anybody.

  12. I think this turned out beautifully, Debby! I think we are our own worst critics when it comes to "mistakes". I try to cover tears up with an embellishment (or two, LOL!) but I'll admit there have been times when I've torn whole pages apart, only to start all over. :)

  13. It's painful when the idea in your head doesn't pan out as you saw it, but glad you stuck with it. Very pretty page and the best thing about mistakes, is most people won't even notice them but you!


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