Junkin' + Scrapbooking = Perfect Match!

Connie Mercer from Crafty Goodies blog is hosting another "Gone Junkin' Friday."  Connie is the queen of junkin' whereas I just dabble in the fun.  I've seen Connie turn some plain, would-not-think-to-use pieces into real art, storage, decor.  Just a visit to her blog will inspire and encourage your junkin' enthusiasm.

Back in 1977 my husband's first job was at Clinton Mills ... in Alabama ... being just newly married I decided to work there as well.  Jim was the head of the supply department and my first position was a weaver.  I was on the then new Sulzer looms, but the mill still operated the old looms like you see in old movies and museums.  The old looms ran with shuttles.  In the center would be a cotton thread spindle.
The action of the loom sent the shuttle with the thread back and forth the width of the loom to create fabric.  There were several serious dangers about this loom, one when it would shoot off the track it could hit someone and cause serious damage or kill them. 

Fast forward, for fun while I was in in graduate school we would go junkin'.  We ran across this shuttle in a yard sale.  The woman did not know what they were.  We bought it for about $3.00 and we told her what they were. 

I've kept it all these years and Connie's repurposed  junkin' finds encouraged me to find a use for it.   Here you can see a groove in one side of the shuttle.  What a perfect shelve it would make for my layouts.
I used heavy duty Velcro, it will hold up to 17 pounds, to hang my shuttle.  I didn't want hooks or nails in the the wall.  I placed my layout, a piece of 12 x 12 cardboard, and my layout into a page protector for display on my studio wall.  I love it.

Oh, here is a wonderful layout I totally adore of Little's sister.
I've seen several designs similar to this.  I can only think that there is a sketch out there with a circle at the top with other circle below.  I opted for the tag and photo below the large photo.

Let's Break It Down ... short version
Bo Bunny paper collection
Technique Tuesday tile (circle)
7gypsies monthly cards
Filmstrips ... real that I made into a banner
Little Yellow Bicycle wood banner
Jenni Bowlin tiny round letters/numbers
Mom's crochet lace

I hope you enjoyed my junkin' story and a bit of history.  Check out Connie's Blog and add your story to her blog for ...
 Have a Crafty Day!


  1. Very cool way to use the shuttle! Love the photos of the baby!

  2. that is so cool. You taught me something. Have never seen one of these. The layout is gorgeous and thanks for playing along!!!

  3. Very cool! I wouldn't have know what that was!


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