The Real Santa ... Teresa Collins Giveaway Winner

Tabitha, of Tabitha Safdi Photography and my daughter, discovered where the real Santa hangs out right before Christmas.  Tabitha and I have been taking Little and now Little and Little's Sister to see this Santa for the last 3 years.  He is incredible  with the the children.  Last year he really stood out to us when he helped Little through her fear of Santa (like most children her age).  He told her she was very special and gave her a Santa bell...he only gives out a few through the season. 

This year Santa was just as incredible.  (Although we all know Santa is incredible!)  Here is one of the photos that was taken at the annual the photo shoot.

Little had kept her bell safe and brought it to show Santa she still remembered his kindness.

Tabitha is also a producer and decided to do a short story on our favorite Santa.  Here is what I call the "Real Santa!"
Santa Reveals a Secret to the Children of South Carolina

Teresa Collins Giveaway
I have a new winner for the Teresa Collins 12 Days of Home for the Holidays giveaway.  Without further ado ..... drum roll please ....

Jean said...
I left a comment on Teresa's Thanksgiving post.

Congratulations Jean.  Send me an email to with your snail mail address within 3 days.  Have fun with your Teresa Collins prize.

I've been so busy with the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays and I have been working hard on my December Daily and other scrapbook pages that I haven't had the time to take photos.  I'm going take a few days to get my second wind.  Follow D's Paper Studio via Email or Bloglovin to get your update quicker.  Thanks

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Debby!!! Sending you an emaiL!

  2. Visits with Santa are always so special :)

  3. Sweet picture - love the story about the Santa bell...too cute!


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