Halloween Week...Kids Crafts

Halloween is a great time to get your children involved in decorating.  Since I take care of 3 of my grandgirls I had the opportunity to pull out my scrappy products and have some fun. 

Tissue Ghosts
This has been tried and true since I was a little girl.  Little loved making the face on her ghosts that hang in her playroom.
1.  A facial tissue balled up and placed in the middle of another tissue.
2.  Tie your yarn close to the bottom of the balled up tissue.
3.  Use a black marker for the eyes and mouth.

Five Little Pumpkins
1.  Print out the poem.
2.  Glue down the craft sticks.
3.  Use Fiskars oval scallop squeeze punch.  It takes three punched pieces to make one pumpkin.
4.  The girls colored the pumpkins and fence with Crayola crayons.  
 Little wanted her pumpkins to be white and she wanted lots of them.
Little's Sister let Mimi help and used three oval punch-outs to make one pumpkin.

Here is a printable of the Five Little Pumpkins for your budding artist.
Accordion Legs Jack-O-Lantern
Little and Sister created these with some American Craft cardstock and Mimi's Fiskars scissors.  They did  the placement and gluing with Elmer's Glue. 
This is Sister's Jack-O-Lantern and 
Little's Jack-O-Lantern.

"Frozen" Tick or Treat Buckets
Of course Mimi has to get in the act.  Little and her sister are dressing as Elsa and Anna.from Disney's Frozen.   I made these simple trick or treat buckets for them.

1.  purchased bucket from Micheal's near the Wilton/Baking area.
2.  Cut pre-glittered blue paper to fit the bucket.  I used the light blue for Elsa and darker blue for Anna.
3.  Using a free pattern from the Internet I cut the snow from white cardstock (AC).
4.  I flocked it (Martha Stewart) and then added glitter (a mistake*). 
5.  I used Ranger's Glossy Accents to adhere it all to the bucket.
 6.  I added the clip art of Olaf on the lid of the bucket. 
*If I did this again I would buy white glittered paper.  The glitter did not like to stay on the flocking and left a trail of glitter everywhere it goes.  Besides I ended up accidentally spilling the glitter and to make it worse the fan was blowing.  Yes, it is everywhere in my house.
Pumpkin Painting
When you have a 2 year old, knives are not the thing to use making decor from a pumpkin.  With a paint brush, acrylic paint and a mini-pumpkin Ali had a lot of fun.

What fun I have had with the tiny grands.  There is nothing here exotic nor original (the buckets are my work), but it was a ton of fun.

I hope you are working on a bit of Halloween yourself.  Did you make a costume or two this year?  I am making my costume for the Edventure's Storybook Ball.  Can you guess who I will be for the ball?

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. Great ideas. Still LOVE that bucket. :-)

  2. It is all delightful-I certainly miss the days when I had little ones!

  3. That bucket is awesome, Debby! You are one "cool" grandma for making that. :) Loving this collection of crafts too. I only wish I had some little ones to make them with. :)

  4. What a wonderful change from the usual post Debby! LOVE that Frozen bucket and the artwork from your grandgirls are adorable! I have a 4 year old and 1 year old granddaughter myself and the 4 year old loves to stamp and craft. Those creative Jack o Lantern wall hangings are hilarious!!

    1. Thank you Karen. I intend to get back to making altered art, upcycling, etc. especially during the holidays when it is the most inspiring.


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