Daily Thanks Giving ...A Challenge

If you have been around my blog back when it was named Debby's Dares you might remember my Gratitude List I did at the end of each of my blog posts.  I miss doing this.  So for the month of November I'm challenging myself and YOU to Give Thanks for those things you are grateful.

I am going to do my Thanks Giving in the form a tag book.  I am using two different size tags.  I am going to alternate creating one for each day of the month of November.  Once they are finished I will book them.

Gratitude Tag
Saturday November 1
I am grateful for all that God has created.  I was reminded of this on Saturday when we were hit with a surprise snow storm.  There was a beautiful blanket of white snow across my 2 acres of land.  God often surprises me with His creation and reminds me of how much more he loves even me.

Gratitude Tag
Sunday, November 2
Name tag brushed out
Sunday we celebrated Little's Sister (LS) 2nd birthday at the zoo.  I am so grateful and thankful for this tiniest member of our family.  She brings me joy with her expressive face.  She is my sweetheart.  

I challenge you to make a little something each day with your Thanks Giving.  As I create my tags I sit and think about those things I am grateful for and why they add to my life.  

If you decided to do a little something post a link in the comments and I would love to go look.  I might even like to share your project here on D's Paper Studio. 

I you would like to know any of the products I used let me know and I'll be glad to answer your question. 

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. So different tags but so both beautiful ! I was going to do tags for December myself...

  2. A great idea :):) Beautiful tags. Watching as your tag book grows along with your heart:)

  3. Such a beautiful way to document what you are thankful for, Debby! Love this idea!

  4. Wow, those tags are amazing.


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