Yeah, I'm Still Around Crafting Away

I have had several comments on whether or not I was still crafting.  Of course I am!

I just finished a summer long project teaching my 5 and 3 year old grandgirls how to scrapbook.  They each completed a book about their summer.

Em's Book
The hardest part for Em and Little was to learn how to make the roller adhesive work.  But they got really good at it.  The hardest part for me was to leave it alone when they started designing the pages themselves.

Little's Book
By the end she figured out picture placement and that you can add embellishments without covering up the pictures.  I learned, once again, it's their book and let them be their own creative self.  It worked wonderfully.

I finally got around to creating two books for my grandgirls telling the story of their adventure last October at the Storybook Ball.

Few of Ali's Pages
I do a whole different style when creating their books.  This year the theme for creating their memory book from the Storybook Ball was glitter.

In between I have created many layouts.  Often they were inspired by other scrapbookers because (1) I wish I would have thought of that, (2) they were fantastic and (3) my time has been mainly spent making memories and instead of spending a lot of time designing.
This is my youngest and only grandboy.  They don't come any happier than him.

I believe I picked up this design (her's was better) from Jana Eubank from Noel Mignon's Design Team.

I just finished cleaning up and and reorganizing my craft room so I can get ready for the season of December Daily.  I create my own books, but if you want to know more about Ali Edwards' widely popular crafting event go to Ali Edwards December Daily.  I have been documenting my December for several years now and it is fabulous.  This year I have decided not to pick out a particular line of paper but to use my "leftovers" from seasons past.  I have a stack of paper about 7 shelves high of nothing but Christmas.  My husband is delighted at my decision.  I will probably use more chipboard from Blue Fern Studios and a new place I am about to try out, Creative Embellishments.  Take on the challenge of  December Daily.  I promise the journey is awesome and the end results are the best memory keeping.

I've much more to say...but leave you with this:

Gratitude List
1.  those of you who still hang around here from time to time
2.  those who inspire me to create
3.  the sovereignty of God
4.  my dearest husband and best friend
5.  my old friends and new ones

Create Memories/Pass Them On



  1. Oh Debby,
    I am so glad that you shared those scrapbook layouts that your grandgirls made because that's something I've been thinking of done with my own. Mine are 6 and 3 and it didn't even occur to me to work with the 3 year old because I didn't think she would be able to handle the roller adhesive (my 6 year old is already a pro at the Tombow Mono adhesive) I love that you printed out the photos in a collage cluster, which makes photo placement easier for little scrappers. They will have a wonderful memento of both their summer, and quality time spent with you. How perfect is that?!

    1. Thank you Karen. I had a great time with them this summer. Our 3 year old picked up with a little work. The adhesive I was using had raised dots on the side you put your finger so that helped a lot.

  2. Glad to see you posting again :) Your pages are beautiful!!

  3. So wonderful to see this post from you, Debby! All of your work is lovely but that last page is my favorite!
    Please post more soon! :o)

  4. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see your beautiful face! It's hard to keep up with it all, isn't it? Those grandbabies deserve the best of you, but thanks for sharing part of you with the rest of us, too! Hugz!


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