Magical Vacation

I am back from a wonderful vacation to Disney World.  I met princesses, had dinner in the castle with Cinderella and even met the BIG MOUSE!  More importantly, I was able to share this incredible magic with my family.  It was the most amazing time seeing the faces of my grandkids as they discovered the Wonderful World of Disney.
FYI:  the "little dude" ran to meet Mickey and hugged him over and over again.  It was one of those "welling-up-inside-brought-to-tears-moment."

I have several non-Disney layouts to share.  I ran out of time to get them up on the blog.  I'll be back on schedule Thursday. I didn't want you to think I stayed at Disney World.  Do you think that's an option?   LOL

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  1. Staying at Disney is definitely an option, especially when you get photos as sweet as these. :)

  2. recognize that place. Super fun and I totally get it about the tears :) glad you are back.

  3. Oh fun, I would love to go to Disney.
    I have just did a Disney kit and I have never been there, lol.


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