Memorial Day

A time of remembrance.

I choose to remember all those who gave their life that I might enjoy my freedoms I often take for granted.

My family has proudly served this country.  I am proud of each one of them.

Uncle Max (living)

Uncle Dewitt (died in Vietnam leaving behind a wife and 4 children)

Uncle Herbert


One I am most proud of ...
One I watched sacrifice often
Taught me love of country
Gave me the experience of knowing the world
Motivates me to participate in my country

My Father, TSgt Otis C. Perkins, aka Chuck

 (Quick snapshot of a layout I created back in 2003.  Scrappers...note the paper... extremely thin, but beautiful... and the use of vellum and overlays...big stuff at the beginning of my scrapbooking.  I realized I did not use a ruler....LOL...the patch is the last one Dad received.)

Dad served the world over and distinguished himself during the Cold War and Vietnam War.  He told me after the Freedom of Information Act came into effect and was granted permission to tell us about what he did, that he was a courier (my word, not his) of sensitive information through out countries that were dangerous at the time.  Dad did not want to share many things because of the many years he had to keep everything a secret.

He told me he could never tell us where he was going for our safety.  We often guessed because Dad brought me a doll representing that country.

He said he could never wear his uniform but rather "civvies" or military ID so he would not be picked up as military personnel.  He told me there were many times he barely made it to safety.  

I am proud to be an American.  I am proud of my Dad who help make America a country of freedoms.

Thank you for allowing me to Remember here.

I challenge you today to "Remember."



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