Junkin' or Pickin' It's All Treasure To Me

I took some time last weekend to do a little "yard sell" hunting.  I like going to church yard sales because (1) it helps the church ministry and (2) you can find some really great finds.

What I found this past weekend excites me more than my recent treasures.  I found .... Tin Advertising Pie Plates. 

My Little Story 
I saw these wonderful, old pie plates sitting on a table.  I approached two excited ladies who welcomed someone to admire their pie tins.   I asked about them.  They were discovered in their Great-Uncle's barn after his death.  Sitting there was a stack of different pie tins...here is where I express great sorrow and regret for not buying every one of the pie tins.  $3.00 for all....aghhhhhhhhhhh.  A little Charlie Brown sound effect.  

I ended up buying two each of the Case-Moody Pie Tins and Lloyd J. Harriss Pie Tins.

The Case-Moody pie tin is from the 1930's in Chicago, IL and the Lloyd J. Harriss tin is from the 1950's in Saugatuck, MI  Both companies mainly sold fruit pies.

Since both companies are in the same area of the country, I conclude this gentleman at some point in his history lived in or frequently visited the area.  Also, he loved fruit pies.  

I only paid 25 cents for each pie plate.  I refer you to the Charlie Brown sound effect for not buying them all.

Here is what I am doing with one of the pie plates and will probably use one for my antique lace bits and buttons.  The other two will be hung somewhere in my kitchen.  

It is exciting to discover such finds and maybe learn a little history of pies and people. 

PS  Connie, I was thinking about you when I found these.

I am heading to a crop this Saturday.  I am excited to meet up with like-minded crafters.

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  1. yep I would have bought them too. Enjoy the crop!!

  2. These are great, Debby! Great find!

  3. oooooo what a find. love them!


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