Mixed Media Layout...Do You Teach via Video? IYTMM A Must Read

I admire and am jealous of all the artists out there that can work with mixed media.  I do little bits here and there, but this past week I jumped in with both feet.  When I did, I went straight to the bottom and over my head.

I am a hands on learner so off to YouTube to find videos that basically say "mixed media for beginners."  I looked for videos under 10 minutes.

If you teach mixed media, hereafter: IYTMM... I would like to share my observation as crafter trying to learn about mixed media online. 

****IYTMM...Create videos that are within 10 minutes.  It can be a video with music and faster pace.  I can stop the video and see it again and again.  I don't need an hour and half.****

I watched videos sponsored by companies with designers I am aware of to one degree or another.  I've created a few tags just for practice.  Well, everything right now is practice. 

****IYTMM...it's okay to show your mistakes so I know what to do when it happens.  What cleans or doesn't clean.  Dry fast or dry slow.  etc.****

I landed on a Live with Prima video by Tiffany Solorio.  Under 10 minutes, for beginners and for LAYOUTS.  Perfect. Tiffany did a great job.  I recommend anyone, beginner or not, to check it out.  My layout today is based on Tiffany's video although it is nowhere near the beauty of Tiffany's layout.

This is a photo of me, over 50 years ago!  I did not edit the photo.  I love it as is.
The details are on the video with the exception of ...
-chipboard...I used paper and created my faux chipboard by cutting a design from Tim Holtz mixed media die, emboss with tattered rose Distressed embossing powder.  It worked.
-Paper is from Bo Bunny's Life in Color.
-Smaller photo.  This was already printed so I did not want to waste, but I would go with a smaller photo in the future.

****IYTMM...limit your mixed media mediums to 3 items.  Tell what they are, how they work, and examples of when you would use them.  You don't have to demo each one, just tell me.  If you want to get a lot of products in the videos do a video series just for beginners.  I would be there.****

I really liked using vellum, bubble wrap and a paper roll to create texture.  As I look at the photo I realize I am going to have to beef up my mixed media supplies before I try another layout.

****IYTMM...Use other examples of items you can use to create texture and design if you do a video series.****

I did not catch a supply list until well into the video...I should have thought to look.  The supply list was too long for me to purchase. I manged because I play with mixed media products via Ranger and Tim Holtz.  Now I am learning about all the wonderful mediums out there.

****IYTMM...add the supply list in the description and on the beginning of the video (or place the whereabouts of the supply list at the beginning of the video).  For mix media beginners have a list of starter products you would recommend.  If you are doing this for a company or for your own business have it tucked away somewhere on your blog or the company's blog and add the link in your video description.  I would love to add something like that to my blog eventually.****

These are just a few of my ideas as I watched dozens of  videos.  Now, don't go to my YouTube channel and say, "yea, she doesn't know what she is talking about."  Those videos were created years ago and I love to talk too much.  LOL

****IYTMM...I wold love to watch one of your videos or check out your blog.  Leave a link in the comments and I promise to visit.****

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  1. Beautiful page = you knocked it out. If you like short vids checkout Inky Quill and Missy Whidden. Their stuff rocks!

  2. I think you rocked the layout! Great advice about the videos!

  3. I think it looks amazing and I love the photo just like it is too.

  4. Beautiful layout!!!
    I have done a few beginner videos on mixed media...but I was a beginner, doing the video from a beginners view point.
    I called the series Come learn with me...as I was learning as I was taping, lol.


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