Good Decision...Good Times Ahead

I am excited!
I am overwhelmed at what lies ahead!
I hope I'm a quick learner!

Photobucket was my third party host for many of my photos with links.  Without warning they decided to go from a free service to $399.00 a year for their service.  Do you know how many art supplies you can buy for $399.00?

This is the push I need to reconstruct my blog (update it's features) in hopes that the new and improved blog will reflect ME and what I want to accomplish with my art.
The blog is open.  Some sidebar information is in hiding. My social media accounts are ...


Email me at

D's Paper Studio is working fine.  Feel free to browse, leave comments, etc.  If you leave and come might look different, just give it a minute and it might change again until I settle on a format and redesign my logo. Leave suggestions about features you like about the blogs you read.
 Let's hope reconstruction is not as hard as this!  LOL

I suppose this is my task for this week.  I will reopen with a giveaway so stay tuned for the grand blog reopening/update.

Thanks for your understanding and being a part of the D's Paper Studio Family.

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