Discovery: The Best Part Of Crafting. Two Fun Discoveries.

One is a find, the other a silly discovery.

Great back-to-school find, but you have to hurry to get this one.  I found several small composition books at the Dollar Tree store.  The front of the composition book is a stencil.  So for one dollar you get a composition book and a fun stencil.
They had four different designs when I was there.   Here is a quick sample using molding paste, Tim Holt's Distress Spray Stain peacock and  Oxide Distress Ink Wild Violet.  (I didn't use the entire stencil, just a piece.)
The stencil is made of plastic so it's durable. It is a bit thicker than a lot of stencils so you are able to create more texture, it is great for inks as well, and they have some funky designs.  For a dollar it is a great buy.
You can leave the stencil on the book and use it, which is what I did.  Or take it off and create mixed media, scrapbooking, or digital style book cover. 

I have several Ranger Non-Stick Craft Mats.  First thing I learned about the craft mat is DO NOT FOLD THEM.  Seriously, I never have.  I always put them back in the box.  After time the box was worn.  One day while I was cleaning up I needed to put my craft mat away (my spare mat).  I had an empty paper towel tube on the table so I grabbed it, rolled up it up, and slid it into the tube.  TaDa!  I shared this on Facebook and was challenged to decorate it.  We crafters have to alter or decorate everything.  LOL

I covered the paper towel tube with Shurtape.  This is a mat, strong tape made for sealing and seaming ductwork in the HVAC industry.  My husband had a roll.  It is very strong.

The reasons I picked this tape:
  • did not want to this again any time soon,
  • wanted it to have a mat finish,
  • did not want it to look like Duct Tape 

Where I turned the tape into the tube I covered the ends of the tape with Ranger's Glossy Accent to keep the edges from rolling up and catching the craft mat.

I debated between washi tape and my "twine" idea.  I was concerned handling the mat so much the washi tape would come off.  I went with the We R Memory Keepers Baker's Twine.  Because the tape is a strong mat the twine was easy to wrap and stay in place.

Here is the fun part:  When at a crop and need twine it is there and ready for me to use.  LOL

Well, those are my fun tips.  Discovery is the best part of crafting.

Have a marvelous weekend.

Inspired to Create, Encouraged to Try


  1. I have to find some of those notebooks!

  2. Great find and great organizational tip! :)


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