67 Years

On a recent visit to see my mom and dad-in-law Mom told me that her and Dad will be married 67 years this month.  Can you imagine being married for 67 years to the same man?  Oh, my goodness.  I hope I am able to be honored to do the same.

Here is my layout honoring their celebration.

6ity Seven Years
The Story
Rosie E. Lewis full of love and faith...faith in God and faith in Dad.
K.B. Lewis full of love and faith for each other.

Theirs was not an easy life.  They raised their family on a southern farm.  No electronic games, iPhones, calculators, 3 TV stations.  Their entertainment was their family gatherings with their children or with their extended family.  Good fish fries or peanut boils.  Eating, clothing, and bills being paid depended on the farm...getting up at dawn, feeding the cows, hogs, and goats.  Starting the tractor and taking care of their crops.  Fence mending, caring for the livestock, working on the house or the tractor/truck.  Putting up peas, butter beans, squash, okra, and more.  Making jellies from blackberries, blueberries, figs, pears and more.  Meat came from the herd as well as the hog pens.  Cooking three meals a day without a microwave and cleaning up the kitchen three times a day without a dishwasher.  Love and faith is what covered this house.  It was what kept them going for 67 years.

Dad is 94 now.  He still mixes the feed and takes it to his cows.  Feeds the fish in his pond.  He works on the house, the fences, and a single rose bush that sits in the front yard.

Mom has 2 children, 7 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchild to love and spoil.

Do you want to know the real secret to 67 years?  Love and Faith

Oops.  I need to become a chemist.  I used the right greens and a touch of yellow on the stem.  But I did not realize that what I mixed would turn it into a green closer to a crayon green.
Tim Holtz Distress Crayon
USA Art Lest Mini Prills, You Had Me At Yellow (flower centers...love 'em)
Fun mistake:  I used Tim Holtz Thinlet Scribbles and Splat.  Here is the "splat."  I was actually cutting the paper focused on one side of the page.  (Tim Holtz paper).  When I popped it out of the die this was on the back of the paper.  What a great clock.  I had to use it.
Flowers wrapped in a thin thread like wire metal.  I love this stuff.  Odds and ends from Graphic 45 (button), Bo Bunny (watch, hot air balloon), and metal round embellishment.  Words and "Loving" are from a very old line from My Minds Eye.
Graphic 45 button, Tim Holtz rub-on, "love, always, you" My Minds Eye.  Phone from Bo Bunny.
Title:  Tim Holtz numbers and letters.  Creating Keepsakes rub-ons.  Scribbles Thinlet, Tim Holz. Ticket, Bo Bunny.  I painted the black number and letters white.  Let dry very well.  Lightly sand over the paint to create a distress look.

Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad.  Love you more than you know.

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  1. What a lovely tribute! Amazing milestone!

  2. Such a lovely tribute, Debby! I love how you included the older photos with the new one in color. Sixty seven years is quite an accomplishment these days. :)

  3. that is awesome~ what a wonderful story and your page is stunning!!!

  4. Totally awesome. LOVE this page. Very cool with the pix and the papers were perfect!

  5. This is such a lovely layout and a truly beautiful story of your grandparents. Pairing up the photos of them as young adults with the current ones really give a wonderful contrast and dimension to the memories. I am old enough myself to remember life without microwaves, electronic games, cell phones or computers...those were the days!


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