Refurbished Window With A New Purpose

My husband's niece has a wonderful shop called the Happy Gourd.  It is full of antiques and art that she creates.  While in Florida I visited her booth and found a few new additions to my obsession with old windows.  I have three windows and this is the first time I actually tried to do something with it.

Christmas Window
I love the vertical glass panes on this window which was initially what drew me to it.  We wondered where the window came from.  This is why I love this window:  it belonged to my husband's Great Aunt Addy.  Jim believes the house is over 100 years old.

Burnt Umber acrylic paint
Valspar Antique White  sample 7.7 ounces
I have never restored a window so this project created a lot of learning moments for me.  This was the window before restoring...bad photos because I did not think to take a good photo before I started working on it.
Another side of the window before I started working on it.
-Scrap all paint off the glass with a razor
-Repair via caulk.  The original caulking was crumbling.  I had to recaulk and make sure the angle matched the angle of the original caulking.  Thank goodness for mixed media tools.
-Use painter's tape to protect the window glass and give yourself a clean line of paint.

I painted the foundation with burnt umber acrylic paint.
After drying for 24 hours I painted with Valspar Antique White.

Dry for 24 hours.

I sanded the inner edges, top, and bottom with a little on the sides.
I was inspired by Mark Montano's post on Facebook of a picture frame by DigsDigs.

It took me a week or two to complete but I am proud I even tried to complete it.  It was frustrating and rewarding.  The main thing was preserving the window and maintaining it's natural "distress" look.

I have been a little absent but I have been involved with helping with my grands and the Nutcracker production.  It is a major holiday tradition in South Carolina and it was a privilege to see my little ones dance on the "big" stage.

I've also been sick again.  This season has been rough on me with the flu and now I think a virus.  Believe it or not, I have a lot of projects to share.  You can't keep a crafter down!

 Inspired To Created/Encouraged To Try


  1. Love love love that old window!!! Beautiful displayed with for Christmas. I have one that hangs in my nook with 4 panes.

  2. It looks amazing!! Love the uniqueness of the window. The vertical glass panes are so cool!!!


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