A Forest...Crafty Project Team Play

Yes, my husband has finally jumped on board my crafty train.  On the afternoon of the 23rd of December, I showed my husband a picture of a wooden..looks artsy...Christmas Tree.  He was so funny as he jumped in with excitement and made ONE tree.  After he finished he declared he was going to build a forest for next Christmas.  Not a bad idea.

 Totally fun and quick.
Looking at his workshop if messy means you are being creative he beats me.
 Jim: "why are you painting the back?"  Deb:  "So it can look nice when people are leaving."  LOL
We purchased the lights and bulbs that afternoon.  There wasn't much left at the stores at this point. We will be ready next year and build our forest for Christmas.

Not bad for a "quick" addition to our Christmas decorations.  It was fun working together on a crafty project.  I can't wait to see the forest next year.

UPDATEGayle requested some measurements.  
-Pallet wood
-The bottom level is 26" long cut at a 45-degree angle.
-Each level is cut 2 inches shorter.
-Star was created by printing out a star and tracing it onto the wood and cutting.
-Jim used a staple gun to put it together. 

I am contemplating a challenge here at D's Paper Studio.  It is personal for me and for those who take up the challenge.  I am praying for courage, creativity, sensitivity, and time.  I ask for your prayers and good thoughts.

 Inspired To Created/Encouraged To Try


  1. Debby. This is a wonderful thing for a family to do together. Would your husband share the dimensions to start with. After one I think we can adjust for other sizes.

    1. Updated for you! Thanks for asking. You made my husband's day.

  2. Wow!!! He totally rocked that. It looks really amazing. A forest would look awesome!


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