Inspriation for Kids

Two of my grandgirls and I were talking a few days ago about the word "inspiration."  How would you describe inspiration?  Inspiration is so tied to our emotion and is often described "moving our soul" that "inspiration is hard to define.   Regardless, I defined inspiration by example, aka. music, dance, art, mommy, etc. Children are often more inspired than adults because of the world around them is still new.

Here are a few examples of things that inspired me, but ended up in their capable hands.

Tim Holtz and Julie Nutting
Little and LS discovered my Tim Holtz Stamp Platform.  I demonstrated it one time and there was no stopping them.  Of course being little girls in love with dolls they gravitated towards my Julie Nutting Doll Stamps.

The photo is of  LS at a  Julie Nutting Doll Meet-up at our local scrapbooking store.  It was their first craft event.  FYI:  well behaved, crafted the whole time, 6 and 4 years of age respectfully.
(Look at the stamping job they did with the Stamp Platform!)

This is Little's first attempt at the stamp platform at Mimi's house.  She loves colors.  See Tim's demo of the Stamp Platform in the Video of the Week in the left-hand column.  

During the summer Little and her sister saw a photo of a painting Mark Montano had put on his Facebook page.
The exercise was to tape off areas of the canvas and create a painting.  Little took the idea and ended up with butterflies.
LS tried the tape but just wanted the colors and butterflies.  Her art, her inspiration.  Love it!

This is another from Mark Montano.  A simple snow globe.
LS and I cut out a bottom for the glass and added Tim Holt's deer and tree decorated with Mardi Gras beads.  The wooden "five" is from a collection of wooden numbers I found new at a yard sale.  We glued it with E6000.

At first, we put in a good pinch of "snow."  This was the wrong kind of snow.  The flakes were huge as well as the glass we used.  LS and I ended up removing most of the snow and said "Lesson Learned."

Inspiration, Experimenting, Creating.  My grands inspire me.

 Inspired To Created/Encouraged To Try


  1. That is soooo cool and you're soooo blessed to have your grands near by. She's very talented and won't it be fun to add her tags to a page.

  2. Glad they are having fun and learning from the best :)


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