Pour Painted Clay Pots

I have been busy creating in the yard this past month.  Some things are still in process but I thought I would share my redecorated fence.

I have a fence in the middle of the kid's play area.  In the beginning, we, the grands and DIL, painted flowers and we added hand prints.  It was wearing out so I decided to let some of the grands plant flowers ON the fence.

At first, I just painted the clay pots.  I started out with gesso because clay pots are absorbent.  Then I used regular acrylic paint.  It is what I had and it is expensive to buy new all the time.

I grab a stencil or two and added a design to each of them except one.  The best stencil is the vinyl stencils.  They form and adhere to the pots wonderfully.  The butterflies are by Darcie, but make your own on your electric die cutter.

Here are the of the pots I worked on.

This is the Darcie stencil.  It worked wonderfully. 

I applied one coat of gesso and two coats of acrylic paint.

 I used a "regular" stencil and adhered with painters tape.  It was a bit harder.

I wish I was an artist.  I would have hand painted what I envisioned in my head.  But alas, it is not my gift. 

The most fun of all the pots was the Pour Pot.  I found this on a school website and went with it.

I turned the clay pot upside down onto a 2-liter soda bottle.  I placed a Tim Holtz craft mat underneath to catch the paint.  I started with one color and squeeze it all around the base of the clay pot and let it run down.  It was a slow drip so I let it sit for awhile.  I continued doing it until I had what I wanted.  I loved my first effort.

Here is a link to another fun pour clay pot.  This makes a great summertime kids project.   Pour Painted Pots.

Here is a bit of the fence:
 Early on when the flowers had just begun.

Moving right along.

Now several of our plants are about to bloom.  You can see in this photo that I have spotlights on the fence.  I found these at the Everythings A Dollar Store.  You can't beat it.  It is fun to look out the window at night to see the flower pot and flowers.

The pots are hung by hooks I can't remember the name of but I purchased them from a garden show.  These pots are large and heavy and they are holding up nicely. 

You can see my ladybug bowling balls in the back that needs a touch up from last year.  I have also started a gnome garden but it's not ready to show yet.  I have been spending a lot of time outside after our long winter. 

I hope you get time to dig in the dirt!

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  1. Looks awesome :) I really love the paint pour one~so cool looking. Great idea too!! I have been working with succulents, I just cant get enough of them.


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