33 Years

Yes, that me and my husband 33 years ago.  I walked down the aisle on Friday, October 14th, 7:10 pm to meet the man I would spend the rest of my life getting to know.  Believe it or not we were only 18 years old and knew nothing about being married.  We only knew we loved each other.

We learned about marriage and loving throughout these 33 years.  Many times it was so difficult and others it was the easiest thing we've ever done.  I have stories that will take me another 33 years to scrapbook.  One thing I've learned along this journey is that love is not just a butterfly feeling in your stomach.  I've learned that love is about sacrifice , about giving without expectation of a return, and forgiveness.  Marriage is all about grace.  Unconditional Grace.  It does not happen overnight, but over the years it becomes clear through trial and error.  Then you practice the grace and that will take me throughout the rest of my life to learn just how to work through grace in my marriage.  I have the best husband who grabbed hold of this truth long before me.

Four wonderful moments that are unparalleled in our marriage are our children.  We started out as two.  Then on to four wonderful children.

Now we have two daughter-in-laws and one son-in-law along with two and one on the way grandchildren!  God has certainly blest us beyond measure.

I am grateful to my whole family and the life that has been given to me and Jimmy.

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Gratitude List
1.  Jimmy
2.  my marriage and life with Jimmy
3.  my four children who bless our lives
4.  God's grace and mercy
5.  Christ's example before me and Jimmy


  1. You brought tears to my eyes. Happy Anniversary! God's blessings of husband and family are very precious indeed.

  2. super cute! i love your wedding photo! happy anniversary!!

  3. A Very Happy Anniversary to you Debby! God's Blessings for 33 more years together!...Nancy :o)

  4. Congratulations! Wishing you many more years of happiness.

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely couple you two make. And you are so right about marriage being made up of "unconditional grace". Love that sentiment!

  6. Cangrats on your anniversary.
    What a lovely family you have made.


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