The Love of Family, Rub-on Tip

Happy Valentines Eve!  I saw a balloon yesterday with the phase "Valentines Day is Over Rated."  Maybe the commercial side of Valentines Day is over-the-top.  A day of focusing on the people you love a bit more than usual is powerful.

My favorite memory of Valentines Day is from elementary school.  The day before Valentines Day you decorated a small shoe box.  The teacher would send home a list of the students in my class and  Mom and I would sit down and make out all my Valentines.  They were the sweet little ones.

1960's Vintage Valentines
The next day the we would go around and put our Valentines in everyone's box. My favorite Valentines always came from the teacher.  It would be a card that folded in half and that was VERY special.

Most important to me is remembering my family on Valentines Day.  This is a layout of some of my family that I hold dear to my heart.

The photo is of my Aunt Ruby, my cousins Johnny and Bobby, and of my Grandfather Thomas.  All of them, except Johnny, are no longer with us, but I love them all the same.
(The layout is basically not an inspiration, although is was that, but nearly an entire lift from Victoria Park.  
I just totally loved it!)

Tip of the Day
I have a lot of older rub-ons.  The words are from Making Memories Rub-On Wordage back in 2005.  Matter-of-fact I have about 5 partial packs I need to make headway into.  The rub-on bird is from Glitz Design just a few seasons back.

I wanted to bring the bird wings outside the edge of the little box.  The layers of paper did allow for me to continue the rub-on onto the paper with out is tearing it off the body of the bird.  Here is what I did.

1.  rubbed on the bird in the position I wanted it;
2.  carefully remove the rub-on off the paper continuing to the loose portion of the wing;
3.  turn the image over;
4.  take the clear plastic cover that was on the rub-on and add liquid glue that will dry clear.  i used Ranger's Glossy Accent;
5.  very carefully place the plastic onto the back of the wing; make sure you are using a non-stick craft mat and tap the top of the plastic to "squeeze" out the excess glue.  do not move anything;
6.  let it dry;
7.  once you pick up the image and plastic you can use your scissors (not a craft knife...pulls too much) to trim off the excess plastic.
Note:  I know you can do the entire rub-on this way, but then you get a lift on the entire bird.  For this I wanted a smooth look.  

This is what you get:
Another close up is from Fiskars Jenni Bowlin Scalloped Banner squeeze punch and Grandma's Doily lever punch.

The paper is from Bo Bunny, Welcome Home.  The older stash is from Making Memories Wordage, transparency, Chloe's Closet cork letters; K&Co. "Family House" Plaque.  I only used the title word "family."  The key is from 7gypsies.

I am making inroads in my older stash.  If you see some of  the older products you want to buy, you will be surprised at the online stores that still carry a lot of what you see.  Just do a Google search.

Happy Valentines Eve and Valentines Day!  I appreciate all my blogger family that come by and read a bit about my crafty life.  Thanks for the comments.  I cherish each one. 

Don't forget the challenge and Fiskars/Jenni Bowlin Scalloped Banner squeeze punch giveaway at the end of the month.  Click HERE for the blog post. 

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  a beautiful day yesterday celebrating Will's and Jay's birthday;
2.  a relaxing three day weekend;
3.  God's blessing on my family as we are expecting another grandchild(!);
4.  a special time with Vanessa
5.  God's unearned love and care of me
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  1. I love this layout! Thank you so much for the tutorial re: the rub-on. If you did not say anything, I would have thought that it was a sticker or die-cut. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. fanatstic layout!! You pulled the lift off~loved how you did the banner!!!

  3. Gorgeous LO, Debby! So many special touches that I had to keep looking at it. :) Thank you for the tip on the rub ons. I definitely have bunches of older ones in my stash so this is very helpful.

  4. Love all the details -
    what a beautiful layout!

  5. Great tips on the rub ons!! Thanks for sharing those!! And love love love your lo!! LOVING the photo, the layers and loving that stitching!

  6. Ooh, I love this layout. So very nice!! Lots of stuff to look at!

  7. Love that vintage layout! Great tip too!!

  8. great tutorial! love all the little details in that LO

  9. The page is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip!

  10. This the nicest heritage page I have ever seen! It has a hip heritage look.

    I just love everything about it and would like to pin it if you don't mind?

  11. awesome layout debbie!

  12. lovely layout, and a fabulous tip for the rub ons! I never thought of Valentine's Day like you do before, thanks for the perspective! I have always just thought it was silly to have to have a day to be nice to the ones you love...because you should just do it all the time! lol but I like your idea better :)

  13. Wow! What a gorgeous layout. So much detail!

  14. Such a fabulous layout!!!
    And I love your memories of Valentine's Day :)

  15. Lovely LO! And congrats on the new grandbaby coming soon :)

  16. Great pic and fun details!

  17. Your layout is so pretty.
    Love the vintage feel to it with the softer colours.
    I remember those Valentines cards :)


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