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2011: A Very Great Year!

Everywhere I look right now there are the Top 10, Top 50, or Top 100 of something for the year 2011.  I took a look back through my blog to see what was happening here at D's Paper Studio from the year 2011.

Debby's Dare blog became D's Paper Studio and got a whole new look. 

Events I held or participated in here at D's Paper Studio:
December Daily // Ali Edwards

12 Tags of Christmas // Tim Holtz

Home for the Holidays
 Orange Blog Hop

One Little Word 2011-Time // Ali Edwards

My Favorite Cards

 My Favorite Layouts

Favorite Altered Item

Completion of My December Daily...New Year's Comin'

As usual it's my end-of-the-year clean up and changes with D's Paper Studio blog. 

Step one has been to condense my posts.  unKit, Ali Edwards, and now one of my favorite bloggers, Tim Holtz has gone to this blog format. I didn't realize it until Tim changed his format is that it helps you to load the blog faster and pick the posts you want to read. All you have to do is click "Read more >>".  I thought I would give it a try and please let me know what you think. Okay...I couldn't do it.  I didn't like it so much either and when a few of you left comments about it I totally agree and I changed it back.  Thanks!

Leave a comment or email me at with how it works for you.

I have more changes in the works so keep hanging around!
Before I share the last of my December Daily I would like to ask if you enjoy D's Paper Studio and you are not yet a follower, would you consider Following?  My goal was to have 400 Followers of D's Pape…

From Me to You

God's love to all of you this Christmas.

The photos are of Me, Jim, Jacob (son) and our grand-girls.

Click on the slide show, allow it to load, and you will see it full screen with text!  Thanks

Personalize your own free greeting
Have a wonderful, happy, and crafty Christmas.

A Happy Exhaustion, December Daily 13-19

It is so much fun this time of the year.  For me it's watching my granddaughter, Little Honey, find the magic of
Christmas.  She loves Christmas Trees and their ornaments.  It's like an "on" switch to her excitement when she sees the tree lights.
I can do without the shopping, but if I'm going to do it being with Jimmy makes it fun.  He can hardly pass up anything that he thinks the grand-girls will like.  Last night he was looking at Christmas dresses for Hannah.  It didn't matter she already had one!  LOL  No, I did not let him buy it.

Wrapping, cleaning, last minute decorations before the family comes over.  What exhausting fun.  This year there is an added bonus:  My December Daily.  This has been the most fun looking at my daily life through the lens of a camera.  Here are my next set of pages.  You can click on the photo for a details.  

Pages 13-19

The story inside Page 17 goes here.... can't show you yet because it is a  Christmas present in the makin…

December Daily Days 7-12 & Happy Chanukah!

Today will be a tough day to document.  Honestly, I hoping for a very boring day.  LOL  We'll see what
happens.  It's never boring around me for very long.
Days 7-12
click on photo to see more details

Each day has a transparency between it.  I'll share a few of them on Thursday. 

Oops!  I forgot my journaling.  I will place it on the border strip at the bottom.

End of Book 1
I bulked up my pages too much when I added the Grungeboard numbers.  Now I have a Book I and Book II.

Happy Chanukah!
Here is a magnificent video of Tzlil V'zemer Children's Choir singing Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah.

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List 1.  my days with Little Honey
2.  the excitement of Christmas
3.  my sister
4.  God's love for me that is so beyond my thoughts
5.  the spirit of Christmas, may it last all year long