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My Last Post for 2007

Someone asked me to sum up 2007 in one word. Well, here's my word

*God's faithfulness to bring me through an illness that almost cost me my life.

*God's faithfulness in helping me lose weight from my health (90 lbs)

*God's faithfulness in keeping my children safe and healthy.

*God's faithfulness in growing my marriage into a thing of beauty.

*God's faithfulness in protecting my sister.

*God's faithfulness in bringing the right woman into my son’s life.

*God's faithfulness in teaching me about forgiveness, unconditional love, grace, mercy, and patience.

*God's faithfulness in giving me great friends, mentor, confidant, and doctors.

*God's faithfulness in leading me to a church that reaches out and cares; teaches the Word of God faithfully; and knows how to have great fun!

God has truly been faithful to me and my family. Undeserved, unwarranted, unearned...that's my year in review God's love and faithfulness!

Here I am before and after my…

It's a Wonderful Life!

We had fun this Christmas. Family was marvelous, friends were great, and the air was full of expectation. Here are a few scenes of our Christmas:

Gratitude List: 1. God's Grace in my Sister's life 2. A non-upsetting family Christmas 3. my truly Wonderful Life 4. scrapbooking which kept me a bit less stressful 5. my Savior's unconditional love

It's Christmas Eve

My "Rear in Gear" lists are done. We are about to head for Christmas Eve service at our church with most of the family. It's hard when everyone starts growing up and having families of their own. This season has been filled with the glory of God all around me. God has shown me His love over and over again. Since I'm no longer working I did not think we would have any money for Christmas gifts. God provided on every turn and we were able to get the children and grandchildren gifts.
I've been trying to do something scrappy all day, but I did not have the time. I realized that I did not have an ornament with my DIL's name on it. So I had an excuse to scrap a Christmas ornament. My first. I used gold stickles, Jolee Wreath, Brenda Walton rhinestones. The pattern for the swirls are with Basic Grey rub ons! What do you think? Okay? When it dries I'll put a ribbon on it to hang from the tree.
Challenge Question #23: Do you bake Christmas cookiesI don't, bu…

What Matters The Most

I've about got carried away with the all the holiday doings. The stress yesterday got to me a bit and I was sick. Now it is time to back off and remember what matters the most this time of the year. What matters most: 1. First and foremost is God's grace, mercy, and love toward me. 2. My husband's understanding and love. 3. My children Tabitha, William, Adam, Jacob 4. My daughter-in-law, Stephanie and my to-be daughter-in-law, Ashley 5. My grandchildren 6. My mom and sister and her children See a theme? What matters most is not gifts, special foods, parties, tinsel and lights. Not even scrapbooking matter most. What matters most is my family. What I invest in them is what lasts, it is what matters most.
Challenge Question#21: Do you have a family get-together during the holidays with extended family?
This year my in-laws are visiting two days after Christmas for an extended Christmas Celebration. I know it will be fun and my husband is so very excited to see his sister and mom/dad…

Christmas? 5 Days Away!

I can't believe it is almost here. Are you ready? I just need to DEEP clean the house for company. Thursday after Christmas the in-laws are coming for a 3 day visit. Mom is in her late 70's and Dad is 84 years old, but they are making the trip to see our whole family. It is so hard to get all the grown kids together to go to Florida.
My sister finally goes to court today concerning her divorce. I've been so disappointed in her soon-to-be ex. He has pulled every trick in the book and even ones I'd never heard of. I was suppose to be with her today, but my health did not allow me to travel so far. Urgent Prayer Request: Please pray for my sister Cindi and her two girls throughout the day. The time will be 1:30 EST.
Challenge Question #18: How do you decorate your tree? I start on Thanksgiving. We set up the tree and check out the lights. Then the next day I put on the decorations. My husband's job is to always put the angel on top of the tree. No one else is allowed to.…

New Layout for my Sister

This is for you Sister. Those were the fun days! I'm glad you finally got your bike!!! The original pictures are on the bottom, greatly damaged. This is from the poor quality of the 70's photo processing and acid migration from the black page they were mounted on. I'm glad I found these.
Challenge Question #17: Is your big meal on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or Christmas afternoon?
For most of my life, it has been Christmas afternoon. For about 4 or 5 years after my first son moved out, we would have Christmas brunch. Now we are back to our afternoon celebration. When I was a teenager our Christmases were at my Grandmother Thomas'. Everyone would cook and I or none of us could get enough. The Thomas' are the world's best cooks. No kidding.
Gratitude List:
1. My hubby's love for me.
2. Those warm days that are now gone (22 degrees by morning, yuck)
3. My son, Jay, who makes me laugh when I prove him wrong. I am still a little smart.
4. New web/blog frien…

NoelMignon Challenge and More

No this is my Blogger Challenge from Two Peas!

Challenge Question #16: Do you take neighbor gifts/treats to anyone, everyone, a select few?

We have walked over cookies to several of our neighbors in the past, but our best and favorite neighbors are the Tripletts. This wonderful couple watch out for my home, they have help in raising my son (watched him after school and Jane became his homework coach), we laugh together, cry together, share about our family and health. We send them Christmas cards via mail (they live next door?), we send over cookies for Ms. Jane, sugarless candy for Mr. Jim, of course we walk a present over on Christmas, and we fix them a Christmas plate of great food. We truly love them are we are not nearly as good to them as they are to us.

Here is one of my Christmas Holiday Layout I've been working on:

Now this is NoelMignon Challenge

Gratitude List:1. The smells and sounds of Christmas2. My pastor and his love for God and people3. Adam's friends to make me la…


Right now life is a challenge. So much to do when all I want to do is reflect, remember, and worship God who loves us unconditionally in our lowest of state and gave His Son to bear the punishment of our sin in order to have that relationship that is beyond all comparison. When I think of the type of love we all crave and search for, I know that God is the only one who can give me that relationship....unconditionally. I don't have to be pretty, smart, the best hostess, the best Christian, or just plain perfect. Matter-of-fact, God loves me warts and all. Well, that's my reflection of Christmas.

Now I have a challenge to catch up on.

Challenge Question #10: Candy Canes, traditional or flavored? Or Chocolate Covered Cherries?
I don't eat Candy Canes anymore. But the rest of the family love the traditional candy cane. Not the hard ones we often hang on the tree or put in a stocking or gift. My husband especially likes the ole' time candy canes that are round, fat sticks that…

Boy, Do I Need To Catch Up

So hold on to your hats.
First catch up on the Challenge questions.
Question #5: Do you hang mistletoe?
I don't ever remember my husband and I hanging mistletoe. But I remember mom hanging on the doorway going into the hall. I still can remember mom and dad embracing and kissing under the mistletoe. It's a good memory. Question #6: When do you put up your decorations? Tell about your traditions, hopes, plans for decorating? I start putting up my tree on Thanksgiving day. I also decorate the mantle that day. The rest of the house goes up as time goes by. Traditions on decorating at our house is mainly our Christmas Memory Tree and the manger scene somewhere in the house. Jim always puts on the angel top of the tree. I often lay on the floor and look up at my ornaments from my childhood and remember the fun we have on Christmas morning. We do not open family presents until Christmas morning!!! The kids are not allowed out of their bedrooms until I call them. We still need to decorate…

Challenge for Day 4

Question number four
Does Santa wrap the presents or just set them under the tree? Tell, tell!

When the children were younger we wraped most all the gifts except the big ones like a rocking horse or a race car set. Now that the kids are older they all get wrapped gifts. Another few years and they will get pretty envelopes with Gift Cards only!

Other Great News... Please Help

Angie is a great friend of mine and taught me so much about scrapbooking and we've become scrapy friends. The good news is today my friend found out she won first place in theRiverbank Zoo and Garden Photo Contest...1st place in the close up catogory and 2nd place in critters (the frog). Please help Angie win the Viewer's Choice Award by going to

and voting for her blue cactus. The site has a revolving title when photo contest comes up go there and vote for theblue catus. This is Angie's first big win and I really want everyone to show her our support. Thank you so very much.


Challenge Day 3

Challenge question #3:What's your favorite holiday dish?

My favorite holiday dish is my grandmother's sausage dressing. I love it so much I could eat the pan all myself. Double click to get the recipe.
Here's a layout I did last night as part of our anniversary trip to Pigeon Forge, TN. You can't go to Pigeon Forge without going to the Scrapbook Super Store!!! Where are my packages you might ask? I put them all in the truck of the car before Jimmy got back from exploring!!Gratitude List:
1. My camera...helps me relax to take pictures.
2. A good, caring, loving husband
3. A funny pup
4. A great church family
5. Kindnesses

Challenge Day 2

Question 2
2. Hot chocolate or Egg Nog?
Me? Niether...but our family is half and half. Adam and Jacob love BOTH whereas my dh only loves Hot chocolate. A cup of hazelnut coffee works for me.
Here's a layout from my childhood when snow was fun.

December is Already Here!

It's come to quick and will leave just as quickly!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. It was the most fun Thanksgiving I've ever had. One of our new friends, Toni, named our turkey "Lucy." I can't eat something with a name. Afterwards we were complimenting the turkey Cook of how much we loved the turkey...and it was great. Toni said, "Yeah, I Love Lucy." We rocked with laughter. Later we played card games and the Wii. I even got my long time friend to play an electronic game for the first time. She could not stop bowling and golfing. LOL We really did have fun.

Now our hearts turn toward Christmas. First let me tell you that my son and his girlfriend are now "promised." I love my new-to-be-daughter. She is wonderful and has a wonderful heart. Adam could not have chosen a better life mate.

Okay I'm going to run a little long, but I want to participate in a 24 day challenge from Two Peas. We are to answer a new question ea…