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My First Paper Publication....WOW

A Florida weekend and my first publication came out while I was gone. What a weekend.

First about my weekend. I so enjoyed my mother this weekend like I never have in the past. Like many daughters and mothers we have had our differences. But since I began scrapbooking my mother has taken great pride in my work. Seeing that my whole family is gifted beyond belief scrapbooking has become a gift to me and my family. It is exciting what scrapbooking has opened up to me in my relationships.

My daughter, the producer, was helping me on a project whereas she was to help me interview some of the family for my scrapbook. Well, she decides to video the interviews in order to get it all down and I could transcribe it for my scrapbook. By the time she was finished Tab had decided to create a video entitled “The Thomas Family: A Story of Sisterhood.” It was dedicated to the one sister that passed away this year. This weekend the family gathered together to see the results of Tabitha’s efforts. Peopl…

Back to School Challenge

I've been overwhelmingly busy and trying to keep up with my blog has been hard. Here are a couple of pictures from my weekend. Isn't she the most beautiful thing? She and Grandmaw had a wonderful crafty Saturday.

I'm still working on the last challenge, but in the mean time here is this week's Back to School Challenge:

1. The Book That Changed My Life - Bible
2. A Book I've Read More Than Once - Little Women and Heidi
3. A Book I'd Want With Me on a Desert Island - Bible
4. A Book That Made Me Laugh - Dr. Suess's Cat In the Hat
5. A Book That Made Me Cry - I Love You Always (children's book)
6. A Book I Wish Had Been Written - historical novel on my family
7. A Book I Wish Had Never Been Written - my college textbook by my professor on Christian Education....have the author teach the class! UHG.
8. A Book I Am Currently Reading - Journaling book by Tracy White
9. A Book I Am Meaning To Read - Photoshop Elements manual
10. My favorite book of all time -- Little Wom…

I scrapped my heart out......

but this is the only one I can post. The rest will go to be considered for publication. Check it out and tell me what you think of this handsome guy. I don't usually use Jolees or any stickers, but who can resist these cute guys?! LOL

First five comments I'll send a "Honk If You Scrapbook" window sign!

Life is too busy at work so I'll have to update at a later time.

Updating a Busy Life

Well, it must not be too busy if I'm here updating my blog! LOL

Creating Keepsakes Convention was a blast! I was sort of dreading it as I get very competitive when it comes to my layouts. But somehow I was given great peace and just looked forward to the day with Angie and meeting the area PEAS (message board). It was fun to be without children and to laugh and enjoy myself.

I met Sudie, Brandi, Sara (BiG winner of Scrapworks), Court, Lisa, and another Lisa, Missy, and the list goes on and on and on ................................ See the pictures. That's us, tired but having a ton of fun. Everyone was generous in donating RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). And no one asked anyone to do this. We just did and it was great!

(Sara winning Scapworks First Place in Charlotte. It's blurry because I was fighting the crowds!)

I was to meet Tracy White but she had to cancel and I was very disappointed. Although the teacher we had was very good the only reason I took the class was to meet…

10 Surprises in My LiFe....Blog Challenge

Wow, I don't know that I've had 10 surprises, but lest try.

1. When I grew up I did not become a lawyer. But I like my job and I'm able to help other also through the Financial Aid Office and Retention Services.

2. My mother got smart! Go figure this one out! LOL

3. People lie and don't care. Sad surprise to say the least.

4. My group I took to Europe gave me a Russian Wool hand-knitted sweater and I love it!

5. I was surprised when my brand new step-granddaughter walked in on me in the bathroom!

6. When the minister forgot to tell my son at his wedding that "you may now kiss the bride!" Too funny.

7. My mother and father surprised me by coming from Florida, when dad was so very ill, to attend my Graduation from Grad school.

8. When my husband actually bought me a diggy camera for my birthday!

9. When I won the SA contest and they told me I was to be published in their magazine.

10. And the BigGesT one for me: My husband planned an anniversary trip to …

So much Going On!

Me in Straight Hair...I haven't had that for over 10 years. I was very sick for a few years where I lost a lot of hair. When it came back, it came back curley!!! The hair dresser had a field day and straighten my hair. I enjoyed it so much. Wish it would have stayed!

We are in the middle of registration at USC, so we are very busy. Updating a blog is not a priority so I've been neglectful. So Sorry!

I’m going to be published. I won the Scrapbook Answers "Where Were You When...." contest. It will be in the October issue. When I got the initial email I screamed so very loud that the people on the next floor wondered what was going on. Telling my family was the second highlight and so much fun. I could hardly wait for permission to post it on PEAS. OMG, this has been so much fun. BUT I want to be picked up for a 'call' or as a "designer!" Does that make sense? I know this is great beyond words...but there is something about the email that says you …

For My Daughter

This is my beautiful and talented daughter Tabitha. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is currently employed as a television producer. She produces specials, and road shows, and news reports. She has won regional and national broadcasting awards and has been nominated for an EMMY. She is also unhappy with her job right now. She is good at what she does and her supervisor is grooming her for upper management within the television market that she works for. This is great, right? No, her dream, most of her life, has been to be in front of the camera. She has on air experience, but wants much, much more.

I'm asking for a RAK from my family and friends. Please check your area to see if they are looking for on air personalities...reporter or anchor positions. She's good. But it is sometimes hard to know what is available. Although Tabitha is very successful, she really wants to follow her dream.

If you would leave a comment or Peamail me the contact information …

My First Canvas

I finally finished my first ever canvas. I love the look of canvas. I hang my layouts in my house anyways. Hey, they are pieces of art. I change them out all the time. Why not a canvas that can stay a little longer? It was fun.

This canvas is of my Aunt Evelyn that I posted about last week and did the challenge. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback/advice for any future projects. I always want to grow and I haven't "arrived" yet.

Ms. Manners

Manners? Manners!? No Manners. I work at a major university and see the student population on a regular bases. Let me tell you unless mom or dad is with the student most...not all....are without any type of politeness or MANNERS.


Comes into my office on a cell phone and does not get off until they are finished with their conversation. And picking up a cell phone in the middle of a meeting is maddening. AGHHHHH! My time is valuable and I expect consideration.

No self control when angry. People believe that it is their right to say exactly what they feel no matter the consequences. If they think you are stupid they say so. They have no patience for communicating properly and working through a problem. Good manners and communications say that if you want something (like financial aid) you display your best behavior not your worst.

Not asking for help...demanding, angrily, for what they want no matter if it is legal or not!

Cutting people off in the parking lots, as we…


Family reunion weekend is always during the 4th of July holidays. This year it was a mixture of fun and sadness. We attend three reunions during this weekend. The first one is my husband's family mini-reunion. This year, unless one of the children or grandchildren picks up on it, will be the last. Mom and Dad Lewis are in their late 70's and early 80's and they said it was just too much to do in the heat of summer in Florida. So it was a mixture of fun and sadness for sure. My daughter is a TV producer and was able to rent some professional equipment and tape all the reunions. This will certainly be a treasure.

The second reunion was again my husband's family, but his extended family. So many of the older family members have passed away this year and we could see and feel a big difference. It is hard to get the "young" folks excited about being at the reunion. The 20-30 year olds don't seem to realize that this family connection is vital to who they are an…

Make Yourself Informed...RAK Involved

This blog entry is in honor of my dear Aunt Evelyn. My aunt recently passed away. It was a shock! Although she was advanced in age and had been struggling with Parkinson's disease, my aunt was handling life wonderfully and gracefully. She was never known to complain about her personal discomforts. She was energized by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Her passion in life was her family and her love for Christ. She lived her life pursuing both.

My Aunt Evenly become very ill around Christmas and continually was seeking medical help. Due to the nature of the Parkinson illness physicians put off her symptoms to either the Parkinson's or the medication related to the Parkinson’s. When she was last hospitalized she was finally diagnosed with Breast Cancer. But it was inflammatory breast cancer. It is a killer that most people are not aware of, even doctors. She passed away quickly but in a great deal of pain as the cancer quickly took everything away from her. I&…

Cute and Awful

Well, it has been a wild week and a half at my house. I had a tooth cut out and I can tell you right now if it could go wrong the dentist said I made every percentage there way happen. Pain does not begin to describe what I went through. Yikes! My tooth, they discovered, was fractured. Most likely happened in a car accident 6 years ago. The fracture was laterally at the gum line and move down through the root. Through the years my gums began to grow into the fracture forcing it apart and allow bacteria to build up. The pain began and so did my journal to @$##. Well, needless to say I'm on the other side now. But during the early time of my recovery I was sleeping on the couch trying to recover. My sweet husband took this picture (AWFUL) of me sleeping on the couch with my best friend! It was so funny when I discovered it on my camera this morning!

While all this was happening to mom, Jacob was doing a great job helping to keep the house clean. While cleaning the dog's dish it s…

Father's Day

Wow, we celebrated with a cookout and tons of fun with the kids. Everyone was there. We count that a blessing as we know that Tabitha getting a job out of state or even out of the country is always possibility.

Pictures as follows: 1. Hannah and Jim with the Bass; 2. Jim and the girls; 3. Jim and the kids; 4. Jim and our daughter-in-law. Although it was a rocky start...I bought the wrong present and ended up taking it back before the evening begun. Anger and tears included in this one.

Here are the answers to Sophie's Challenge:

Nope, mom picked it out of a book.
Over the weekend when I bought the wrong present for my husband and he got mad with me and made me cry because I did not like disappointing him on his day and for once LIKE I have to do many times...could he not just fake it and say he liked it? Geez
Nope not in the least.
6. D…

Recap of my Weekend

I fought the scrapping bug this weekend in order to make more memories to scrap! My husband and I with our son Jacob went to the zoo. Since we are members we go often, but it was "enrichment" day and we enjoyed the animals moving about much more than usual.

I love the Giraffe picture because they were in a cluster and it reminded me of the movie the Lion King. LOL The other picture is of me and Jim but look very closely to the Kola in the background. My son is getting better at his photo taking skills.

I just wanted to add this picture of me and Hannah. She truly makes my world complete.
1. She smiles and the world is alright.
2. She is young, but can play practical jokes on you in a heartbeat...just like her father.
3. When she is unhappy she's lets you doubt about it.
4. When she is playful and fun, she takes it to the limits.

She is truly my heartbeat!

WOW, I did IT...with HeLp!

I posted a banner finally. I had help, but they taught me a lot! Check it out. I plan on tweaking it a bit over the weekend, but it certainly is better than before. Great learning curve. Leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Here is an altered item that I made for several reason, one being for my husband's Father Day/Birthday. It was fun, but hard to get it so that I could use both sides of the Coin Holder. He really liked it alot. Hannah is his favorite 2 year old right now. I truly enjoyed doing this.

Inside Outside

Other views of the outside

I'm the RICHEST Woman on Earth!

Yep, that's me. No, I did not win the lottery, or win the 10,000 dollar suitcase, but I did take a good, hard look around me and realize I'm truly very WEALTHY. I have four of the most wonderful children on the face of the earth. They are good, with good hearts, a good work ethic, great ambitions, and I'm fortunate that they all live close to me. Well, two are still in the house, but with Tabitha's career I'm lucky she is not living across the world somewhere. They are all healthy and beautiful children.

I have a wonderful (although she can drive me nuts at times) mom, a beautifully talented sister and she has a wonderful family. My in-laws, although it's been a long, tough road, are wonderful people with great hearts.

In a world of bankrupt people and families I am truly the WEALTHEST person on Earth!!

"I Dare you To Scrap Your Life."--DLL

P.S.....if this works the first Video is a little diggy camara video of my son at his spring concert...Jay's …

I Remember

TSGT. Otis C. Perkins"Chuck"
My father, my hero! My father served in the United States Air Force for 20 years. He traveled the world, served in the Vietnam War, and in the Cold war. He came from very poor, hard conditions for a home life and joined the service as a way out. But my father continued to reenlist because serving his country was of utmost pride to him. He actually worked in the "secret service" area of the USAF. His job was to measure energy transmissions from countries not quiet friendly to the USA at the time. He would travel in civilian clothing to many different places, set up equipment in "radio stations," take the measurements of mostly radioactive transmissions from then USSR, but several other countries as well. My dad loved serving the military. It allowed him to grow as a person. He experienced things he would have never had the opportunity to experience...different countries, different cultures, different people. He met his best frie…